• Information is the juxtaposition of data to create meaning (Alex Wright)
  • Document helps the information to surpass time (Paul Duguid)
  • "Immutable mobile" - document (Bruno LaTour) It cannot be changed, but can be transferred
  • Information is data which has been rendered into a form suitable for decision-making (Clark)
  • Information, whatever the quantity, is not the same as understanding. (Dunkley, FT)
  • Information gently but relentlessly drizzles down on us in an invisible, impalpable electric rain (Von Baeyer)
  • According to Lincoln and Guba (1986, 546-562) the process of disciplined inquiry includes: data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Data entails the raw material, untouched by any notion or descriptive analysis. Information is the transformation of the data into a sense- making (Weick, 1995) piece of information. Knowledge includes: models, hypothesis, theories, and making a scholarly presentation with the data collected. Wisdom is the knowhow. What do you do with all the information and knowledge that has been obtained? This process may bring about the following tensions: personal, professional, disciplinary, positivistic and naturalistic (Ike 2009)
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