Protecing internal deliberations and investigation

Protection of internal deliberations of institutions, procedures of investigation and a fair trial are legitimate reasons to limit the scope of the right to access information, yet, to what extent? The discussion will attempt to provide the perspective of institutions involved in the sensitive act of balancing of the two rights on a daily basis.

The discussants will address two important questions. First, consider the effect of freedom of information on investigations. Mr. Alistair Graham Information Disclosure Manager, from the Grampian Police will share his experience from the work of the Scottish police service, while Mrs. Diāna Kurpniece, will provide a perspective on the practice of one of the Anti-Corruption bureau of Latvia – one of the institutions constantly in the focus media.

And secondly, look into suggestions on policies and practices, such as proactive publication, minimum standards of disclosure or guidelines that may mitigate the tension.

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