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If you have questions, please, email them to linda[at]providus.lv

Transfer from/to the airport

This seminar has an interesting history with some practical consequences. For example, there are no funds for things that normally would be included in a conference budget, like airport transfers. It is unfortunate but we will do our best to help you!

  • Buss Nr. 22a stops right in front of the Airport and takes you to the city center for 0.50LVL (0.70 Euro). You can obtain one from the driver. The buss will stop at the Art Museum (Mākslas muzejs), on the corner of Valdemāra and Elizabetes str. It is a 10 minute walk to your hotel through the center of Riga, the Art Noveau district. For more details about the schedule visit this page
  • Air Baltic Airport bus will take you to the city center for 4 Euro. The buss stops at the Reval hotel, that is a 15 minute walk through the center of Riga, the Art Noveau district to get to Elizabetes nams. I believe they accept Euros, and Dzirnavu str. is the street behind the Reval hotel
  • A taxi is always an option. The taxi`s you will find outside the airport may not be the cheapest choice, the price off the peak hours will be around 15 Euro.
  • Finally, if your flight arrives around or after 10pm, I will do my best to arrange for a car that will pick you up in the airport! In this case, a driver will be waiting for you outside the arrival gate, holding a sign with your name.


The seminar takes place in the hotel "Elizabetes nams", located in the so called "quite center of Riga". The address of the hotel is Dzirnavu street 2. Please, see "Map of Riga" for the location!

Map of Riga

One of the best e-maps of Riga can be found here. Elizabtes nams is marked with a little house in the upper left corner. Other maps, such as a special map for Old Riga, can be found here.

For your free time, I believe the "virtualtourist" has a fair amount of information about the most essential places to see and things to do in Riga, close to our hotel! See also the official website about the places to see in Riga, maintained by our city council


The currency in Latvia is Lats (LVL or Ls). It has a fixed exchange rate with Euro: 1 Euro - 0.702 Ls, 1 USD is currently worth around 0.45 Ls, and 1 BGP - 0.89 Ls. For the official exchange rates see the www page of the Bank of Latvia. You can exchange money or take it from the cash machines in the airport.

If you happen to arrive in the 2 terminal (its new), you will find those in the departure area, just on your right as you exit the arrival gate.

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