Restrictions in FOI Laws: A Snapshot of Practice

Riga, Latvia, May 15 - 16, 2008


The event is part of an EC financed project of Providus. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of our semi annual publication Corruption Barometer or Corruption Co. One of the goals was to share the experience about monitoring of anti-corruption initiatives in CEE and EU. A seminar, being part of that, was initially planned as one of the sessions of the annual TI Conference in Riga. As the conference was canceled we decided to use this open opportunity to discuss an anti-corruption issue in depth, choosing FOI.

The time choosen for the seminar coincides with the final stages of discussions on the fist pan-European FOI regulation: Council of Europe Convention on Freedom of Information, as well as revision of European Union access to information rules. Both can become powerful tools or obstacles for freedom of citizens and the media to observe, question and challenge actions of Power.


The main theme of the seminar is restrictions or exemptions defined in various freedom of information laws. To be more precise - the way those are understood and interpreted.

There are some restrictions that we mention as problems more often than others - national secrecy, privacy, internal deliberation and investigations. We chose those as the topics of the discussions during the two days.

A special session is planned to discuss the draft Access to Information Convention (Council of Europe), and the questions about what FOIAnet and others interested can do to improve it?


As this page still does not allow putting files on line, you will not be able to download the agenda. But it is available if you visit foirixagenda. Feel free to email me (Linda) if you have questions or suggestions.

Also, we kindly invite you to join a little welcome reception on May 14th, starting at 8 pm in the hotel "Elizabetes nams". More information about the venue (room) will be available in the welcome packs you will receive upon the arrival.


Please visit the Participants page to see those invited and taking part in the seminar

Venue and accommodation

The seminar takes place in the hotel "Elizabetes nams", located in the so called "quite center of Riga". The address of the hotel is Dzirnavu street 2. The office of Providus is right around the corner on Alberta 13.


The working language of the seminar is English.

FAQ Arrival, hotel and other practical information

The FAQs will give you answers about travel, details on accommodation, city map, currency, emergency contacts and other useful info that has little to do with FOI:)


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