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  • As of today - May 13, 2010 - the State Administrative Structure law - provides that all public sector institutions of Latvia must publish a list of their employees (names, positions) and their respective salaries/remuneration each month. The information is to be published on the official web site of the institution.



  • On June 30 the Prime minister has ordered all ministries to prepare a detailed and accessible account (on line) on their expenses during the period of 2006-2009. This is is to be done till July 31 and will be the first initiative of such character and scale emanating from the highest political official.
  • On June 15 the Parliament has approved amendments in the Freedom of Information Act. The Parliament deleted the article providing that implementation of the law is ensured by the Data State Inspectorate. Alas, though the Inspectorate never managed to gain neither resources, nor competence necessary to actually oversee the implementation of the FOIA, it is nevertheless saddening to see that we have returned to the status quo of 1998.
  • I have learned that Latvia will not join the COE convention on access to official documents. The official position - we cannot accede to an international document that entails weaker standards than those of our Freedom of information law as might become a threat for the quality of FOI in Latvia in the long run.



  • On April 29 the President of Latvia called for an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. The purpose of the meeting was to shake up the structural and strategic reforms in the public service, health and education systems. While the president had announced that the meeting will be closed, the position parties disagreeing with this decision agreed to publish all the material under consideration ahead of the meeting. A rare case of consensus on open access:)


February 2009
The Carter Center has released its interactive international freedom of information events calendar.


The commission responsible for the matters of public administration and local administration of the Parliament of Latvia is considering amendments to Freedom of information law pertaining to electronic provision of information as well as those concerning payment for provision of information.

September 2008

Cabinet of Ministers approves the draft of a new Freedom of information law

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