Norway. Do Not Close the Tax Lists

Do not close the tax lists

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The tax figures for John Doe will still be posted on the web. But innstramninger may still be on time.

By Geir Salvesen

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was not sunbathe with a new government for several hours before the opposition in parliament went to stormløp against current practice with the publication of the equation numbers on the web.

On the day when all looked each other in the cards and the new equation numbers were posted, Stoltenberg was confronted with the opposition says are major problems associated with the full knowledge of all, as the current system does.

Liberals also have misgivings

Children experience bullying at the parents' incomes are compared, it is possible to trace the foster child and foster parents. But a bigger problem is identity theft, "said Progress Party leader Siv Jensen when Stoltenberg asked the question hour today.

She believed that it had been an increase in organized crime as a result of the figures are publicly available

Also, the Conservatives and the Liberals cast themselves into the fight.Conservatives would end in full transparency. But the Liberals - who voted for full disclosure of the lists at the last crossroads, has begun to get doubts.

We helped to open up, but now is the transparency principle, come completely out of proportion, "said Liberal Trine Skei Grande.

She showed that the commercial players in the market this morning sent around serial SMS messages with offers to find out what Jens Stoltenberg served last year, and that it cost three crowns to get to know it.

Stoltenberg defense system

Prime Minister Stoltenberg said that several of the problems have been fixed so that it no longer will be possible to identify the foster parents and foster children.He believed that this had much to do with freedom of speech

It's already done limitations to prevent abuse. I am open to continue to discuss how it is done, but the lists still to be publicly available, I still stand by. That people will pay three crowns in order to know what I earn is worrisome, for it can find out for free, "he said.

He was repeatedly pressed to say anything about ID theft, but did not directly on it. Aftenposten know yet that Labor will now go through the procedures of disclosure of the tax information to see if it is possible to find innstramninger that makes it harder to steal people's identity.

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