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Kāds kolēģis vāc informāciju par jaunumiem informācijas atklātības likumos. Man, vērojot notikumus Latvijā, likās zīmīgs Skotijas kolēģa atsūtītā informācija par jaunumiem viņu likumā:

In Scotland, the Scottish Government announced (during December 2009) that it plans to consult on whether the coverage of FOISA should be extended to one of more of the following bodies :
* Contractors who build and maintain hospitals
* Contractors who build and maintain schools
* Contractors who run privately managed prisons and provide prisoner escort and court custody services
* Contractors who operate and maintain trunk roads under private finance contracts
* The Glasgow Housing Association
* The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland; and
* Bodies used by local authorities to provide leisure, culture and sport services.Extension of Coverage
"A consultation paper will be published in due course, inviting the views of the bodies themselves (or their representative bodies) as well as those of interested persons, more generally. The consultation will inform the Government's decision on whether it should look to use the powers in FOISA to extend its coverage to one of more of these bodies."

This would be on the back of a Discussion Paper, published in November 2008 which sought to gauge public opinion on the matter (the date for responding closed in January 2009) - see

The Responses to that Discussion Paper (including CFOI's) can be seen here,

Finally, there has been a Consultation on a Revised Code of Practice for Scottish Public Authorities, i.e., Consultation by Scottish Ministers on a revised Code of Practice for public authorities on the discharge of their functions under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004, see

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